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Grow Your Career and Virginia’s Economy With AWS

Get Trained to Be Part of New AWS Data Center Construction & Installation Projects Coming to Virginia

Businesses from around the world have committed billions of dollars in new data center and other large-scale data infrastructure construction projects around the state, particularly in the Greater Richmond Region, Northern Virginia, Charlottesville, and Southside Virginia.

This means hundreds of new, high-paying infrastructure jobs in the next few years for people with the right skills and certifications to make these projects a reality. One of those organizations is AWS, which is investing $32 billion in new data centers, needing workers to build, connect, run, power and operate the facilities.

Virginia’s Community Colleges can help YOU get the skills and credentials to take advantage of the job opportunities coming to your county. Through their FastFoward program, you can get trained in a high-demand field in a matter of weeks or months AND may be eligible for tuition aid or free tuition.

Here are some of the slated projects and the community colleges in those areas that can help you get trained and on the job site in a matter of weeks.

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This project, and the partnership between Virginia’s Community Colleges and AWS is supported by the Building Pathways to Infrastructure Jobs Grant.

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Where are the projects that need workers?

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In-Demand Jobs

These are some of the skills critical to these construction projects that you can get trained in at your local community college:

  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Fiberoptics
  • Data center technician

Already trained? Find Your Next Opportunity!

Those already trained in these high-demand professions can find immediate opportunities with businesses already at work across the region. Click on any of the below logos to see what openings these businesses have.

FastForward Your Career

Virginia’s Community Colleges’ FastForward program can help you earn the necessary training and credentials for many of the jobs needed for these capital projects in a matter of weeks or a few months – with tuition assistance offered for many students. Partner colleges include: Community College Workforce Alliance, Northern Virginia, Piedmont Virginia, Rappahannock, Germanna, Southside Virginia, and Laurel Ridge.

Get Connected

Ready to learn more about how Virginia’s Community Colleges can help you get trained for one of these critical, in-demand jobs? Fill out the form below and your local community college will be in touch with more information for how you can get started and if you’re eligible for tuition assistance.

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Get Connected to Training for AWS Jobs

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