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A Flexible Career Training Option for Virginia Residents

Virginia is known around the world for its world-class military operations – from the Naval Shipyard in Hampton Roads, to Coast Guard, Army and Air Force troops stationed at Fort Belvoir, Fort Lee, Quantico and more. Serving the military community is something FastForward prides itself in – from the service members themselves, to their spouses who travel the world with them.

Michelle and her family moved to Virginia over two years ago when her husband received his station orders for Hampton Roads. While she was an experienced baker, Michelle wanted to do something to change her career and better her options for work, which is why she enrolled in the certified clinical medical assistant program at Tidewater Community College.

“I decided to go into the healthcare field again because I have worked as a dental assistant and also did home health care. It served me well all those years before,” she said. “It was an eye opener to learn all about the body systems.”

During her training at Tidewater, Michelle was supported by her FastForward Career Coach, Alejandra Diaz-Rangel, to make sure she completed the program and was on the right trajectory to meet her goals.

“Alejandra made sure I had all the information I needed to make educated decisions on my career path,” she said. One of the benefits of FastForward is hands-on support from your coach.

FastForward is a great option for students like Michelle. It’s quick, it provides training for in-demand fields and it allows you the flexibility to get trained while still juggling all of life’s other demands.

“If you are a resident of Virginia, it is an inexpensive way to get your foot in the door into the medical field,” she said. “They give you all the tools to be able to succeed.”

To get started where you are, reach out to your local FastForward Career Coach.