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What is FastForward?

FastForward is a short-term workforce training program to train Virginians for industry credentials and certifications for the most in-demand jobs across the Commonwealth. Run out of Virginia’s Community Colleges, our career training is different from one college to the next because the workforce needs vary from community to community.

Most programs take between 6-12 weeks and are flexible so students can get their education while they work. While a signature of our programs is founded on hands-on, expert-led training, to be more accessible, more and more training is becoming available online.

Regardless of how you train, we want students to gain the skills they need quickly and affordably, while creating more opportunity for their future.

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Virginia’s Community Colleges helping Virginians recover from the COVID-19 pandemic

Through FastForward career training, Virginia’s Community Colleges can help you take the next step to train for and find a better career where you live.

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40 great careers

FastForward has in-person and online training programs to prepare Virginians for 40 high-demand careers.
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93% completion rate

Thousands of Virginians have enrolled in FastForward training programs to date, with a completion rate of more than 93%.
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30 miles or less

FastForward credential training is offered at all of Virginia’s Community Colleges, which means training is available in your community.

How To Earn Your FastForward Workforce Credential


Meet Your FastForward Coach

FastForward Career Coaches are here to help you explore your training options, plan for your career and guide you at every step along the way.

Find Grants and Other Funding

We’ll help you navigate finding financial assistance to help offset some of the FastForward tuition training costs.

Register for Training

Sign up for online or in-person training at your local community college. Your Career Coach will advise you on the schedule and type of instruction.

Take the Course

Each FastForward program is different, but most run between 6-12 weeks and are a mix of book work and hands-on skills demonstrations.

Complete Internships & Externships Some programs may offer a short internship or externship before graduating. Your FastForward Career Coach can give you more information about internship opportunities and requirements.

Pass Your Credential Certification

After you finish your training program, you’re ready to sit for your industry exam and earn your certification. This could include a written test and/or a skills demonstration.

FastForward Coaches

Life happens, and we’re here to help at every step of the way.

Your FastForward Career Coach is your support system, whether it’s helping you apply for grant funding or overcoming obstacles on your way to earning your credential. We have FastForward Career Coaches at each of Virginia’s Community Colleges to guide you on your path to success, no matter what challenges you may face.