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FastForward is your Pipeline for Skilled, Qualified Employees.

We know Virginia businesses struggle to find qualified talent — especially for infrastructure-related jobs, such as powerline technicians and heavy equipment operators. Virginia’s employers need workers who are trained on the equipment specific to their industry and vertical.

That’s why FastForward at Virginia’s Community Colleges was created.

FastForward is a tuition assistance program that splits the costs of training and certification between the student, the community college and the Commonwealth of Virginia. In addition to FastForward, students pursuing training in select skilled trades, healthcare and IT programs may also be eligible for G3 tuition assistance (which reduces out-of-pocket costs to $0) and they benefit from collaborations between colleges, which is evident by the work of the Virginia Infrastructure Academy.

We’re here to serve as your community partner. We want to know what your needs are – from the kinds of training and certifications required to the kind of candidate you’re looking for.

From there, we attract people to enroll in workforce training programs aimed at earning industry-recognized certifications and licenses for a wide variety of in-demand careers.

99% Completion Rate

FastForward provides expert faculty and support staff who enable our students to succeed, saving you the cost and time of on-the-job training. More than 99% of our students complete their training and are ready to begin successful careers in your business.

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84% satisfied with job stability

On average, 84% of FastForward students surveyed report they are satisfied with job stability post-credential.
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$4,129 cost-to-hire

The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) reports that businesses spend, on average $4,129 to hire a new employee. Industry-recognized credentials help streamline the hiring process and mitigate lengthy, expensive hiring searches.
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$2.6 billion in wages in Virginia

With a $55 million investment, FastForward graduates have earned $2.6 billion in wages in Virginia.
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77% of graduates stay in Virginia

On average, over 77% of FastForward students surveyed are employed in Virginia following a program completion.

FastForward Blog

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Who grants the workforce credential?

Students are eligible to sit for a workforce credential certification exam at the end of their coursework. Credential certifications are either awarded through state-licensing agencies or through a third-party industry partner, like CompTIA or the American Welding Society.

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