Why Workforce Trainingh

Building your Workforce at your Local Community College

Getting the Most out of a FastForward Relationship

FastForward career training is offered at each of Virginia’s Community Colleges, which means there is a fast, low-cost (sometimes, no-cost) option to train workers for your open positions right in your backyard. FastForward operates on a performance-based funding model, which means a student must complete the training and earn their workplace certification in order to receive the full financial assistance available.

Our graduates come out of training with certifications in hand and the soft skills learned from a regimented academic environment to be successful on your site from day one.

Your business can be engaged as little or as much as you’d like with your local college. If you just want to hear when there’s a new class of graduates looking for work, we’ll keep you posted. But if you want to be more ingrained in our programming and contribute to the success of our program, we can make that happen, too.

“Once [they’ve] graduated, the odds are they’re going to bring value on day one. They’re getting the certifications, plus they’ve working with industry experts that taught more than the skills of climbing, but the easy things like attitude and showing up to work on time.”

– Brad Furr, Southside Electrical Cooperative

Guaranteed interviews

Our colleges partner with local businesses to guarantee interviews for students who are completing training and certifications in fields like IT and Skilled Trades.
Customized training

Training doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all. Most of our colleges offer some level of customized training, working with businesses to design a training to meet the specific needs of that company.
Filling pipelines, fast

If you need to hire a wave of employees, we can help deliver qualified candidates. Our friends at Blue Ridge Community College said it best: FastForward training “gets people skilled up, so they can get to work, generally in less than 90 days.”
Coaching support

One of the biggest benefits of working with a community college for building your workforce is our on-site coaching support. Our career coaches help find funding and outside support for students, while coaching them on best practices in the classroom and in the workplace.

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