FastForward into a new career in 2018

For many of us, the beginning of a new year serves as a fresh start for the areas in our life we wish to improve. That may mean heading to the gym to start a healthier lifestyle, or it may mean looking for opportunities to better your career.

Get started down the path to a new career by enrolling in FastForward training at your local community college. Not sure where to start? We’ve broken it down in five easy steps.

Step One: Meet with your FastForward Coach


FastForward Coaches are here to help you explore your options, plan for your career, and guide you at every step of the way.

Step Two: Check out grants & other funding


We’ll help you navigate the financial aid process to help offset some of the FastForward tuition training costs.

Step Three: Register for class


Sign up for your credential course online or in person at your local community college.

Step Four: Complete the course (and any internship/externship requirements)


Each credential program is different, but most run anywhere from six to 12 weeks. Some programs may offer a short internship or externship (such as job shadowing an employee) before graduating. Your FastForward coach can give you more information about internship opportunities.

Step Five: Pass your credential certification


After you finish your credential program, you’re ready to sit for your exam, earn your certification and move your life forward