Finding the Right Path Forward to a New Job

If you’re going through a challenging life event like being laid off, are uncertain about a career path or are looking to gain a new skill, here are a few ways FastForward’s Career Coaches can help you.

Know your financial assistance resources

“If a new student is going through a situation of being laid off or is uncertain about a career path, I generally advise toward non-credit due to the tuition assistance available and short term training; however, I always let them know of credit options and that they can move into those if they enjoy the class work and want to add a certificate or degree.” – Leslie Brooks, Southwest Virginia Community College

Research your career options

“I go over each program in detail when I meet with potential students and encourage them to research and learn more about the career path they are choosing to ensure they have a clear understanding about what is expected. With many of these students, we search the labor market to learn about demand, wages, etc. as well as, watch YouTube videos.” – Vicki Marrs, Wytheville Community College

Study yourself

“To help students find the right path for them, we use the Virginia Wizard assessment test to discuss interests and the root of those interests, discuss hobbies, discuss strengths and areas needing improvement.” – Alyssa Hawley, Patrick Henry Community College

Navigate around the hurdles

“Another determining factor is schedule – a student may need nights and weekends and are unable to meet on campus through the week and during normal business hours.” – Leslie Brooks, Southwest Virginia Community College

Looking for a change, but not sure which direction to go in? Our FastForward Career Coaches are always here to help guide you down the path that helps you reach your goals.

To learn about training options available now and in the future, fill out our contact form and connect with your local FastForward Career Coach.