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Your Job Hunting Secret Weapon? A FastForward Career Coach

While unemployment in Virginia is at an all-time low, there is still a significant need for skilled workers to fill the open positions within Virginia’s businesses. But getting a foot in the door isn’t always easy. We’ve talked about how important building a network can be to landing a job, but with FastForward, one of the most valuable people in your network is your FastForward Career Coach.

“In my opinion, FastForward Career Coaches are the most unique resource for students,” said Melissa Marcus, Virginia Western Community College. “By meeting with students during and after training, we make sure they are accurately connecting their skills to the job by using marketing tools like cover letters, resumes and job fairs. We are the one-on-one resource students need as a bridge between credential completion and employment.”

Here are just four of the ways a FastForward Career Coach can give you a leg up when it comes to finding work after you complete your career training.

  • Sherry Pinto at Lord Fairfax Community College works with local companies to create guaranteed interview agreements for FastForward students.
  • April Pannell at Blue Ridge Community College uses a software called Big Interview, that allows students to be recorded while doing a mock interview, adding an extra layer of learning and coaching to their FastForward experience.
  • You know those marketing tools Melissa Marcus mentioned above? Well, our coaches, like Brooke Shehan at Dabney S. Lancaster help students with resume and cover letter writing, job applications and mock interviews.
  • Need some motivation? Renee Chalmers at Central Virginia Community College sends out Career Motivation Monday emails.

Talk about one-on-one support! If you’d like to get connected with a coach in your area, reach out to us through the contact form on the left-hand side of the page.