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Three Side Hustles and Remote Gig Resources to Get Extra Cash

If you’re reading this, there is a chance you are underemployed, unemployed or just looking for some extra cash. While many people go after gig jobs, like Amazon Flex, UberEats, Task Rabbit and more, new challenges and hurdles in this industry are now emerging.

If you need an extra income stream, here are a few online resources and ideas to get you started.

Living Delightful Freedom

If you have no idea where to begin when it comes to finding extra sources of income, there are more Instagram, YouTube and TikTok users than you can count with tips and advice. Delania, a busy content creator, has dozens of videos on remote gigs, releasing multiple videos with tips each week.

She references lots of ways to earn cash. If you find a method that sounds up your alley, make sure you do additional research to make sure everything checks out and isn’t a scam.

Start your own business

Hey, it’s possible! Maybe you have a skill, like landscaping or baking. This requires a little bit of investment on the frontend, but with an LLC and maybe a business management class or two (which you can take online through Virginia’s Community Colleges), you can set yourself up for success by making your own schedule doing something that you love.

The U.S. Small Business Administration has ten steps for getting your business idea off the ground.

Side Hustle Pro

When you own the URL, you must be an expert, right? Nicaila Matthews Okome is an entrepreneur and a new mom. She has created her own business surrounding the idea of side hustling, and she works hard to educate others and share her secrets. As a new mom, she’s also juggling parenthood while making a living.

Consider subscribing to her podcast Side Hustle Pro. She even made it to the TODAY Show to talk about her experience, so she’s definitely worth listening to!