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Tips for attending virtual networking events

If you’ve been looking for jobs recently, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of job fairs and recruitment events in Virginia have moved to a virtual format. While it sounds a little intimidating, just like with any networking or recruitment event, if you come prepared and ready to ask questions, there’s no need to sweat.

Employers are trying to keep things as normal as possible, but with this different format, here are some things to keep in mind.

Have a pen and paper on standby

Quickly jotting down details about the company’s most recent updates, benefits, expectations and application process are not only helpful for memory’s sake, but allows you to formulate better questions at the end. Instead of asking questions they already answered, you can focus on relating what they said into memorable and useful questions.

Show your face if you can

Although the option to not show your face may be tempting, if you choose to ask questions, recruiters will be able to put a face to the name. Standing out from all the black screens could potentially make you a more memorable candidate when recruiters shift through applications.

Stay engaged the entire session

Even if you find that the current openings or benefits of the job don’t quite meet your needs, make sure to stick around until the end. Some recruiters will go over other job opportunities that may spark your interest. Creating a connection with that recruiter could lead you to a position more suited to your skills.

Follow up after the event

If you find yourself highly interested in the position, you should reach out within 24 hours of the event to the recruiter. A simple thank you and a sentence that will make them remember you can go a long way. Keep it short but professional.

How you can find virtual networking opportunities

If you’re ready to make more connections or find a specific recruiting session, look through listings through the Virginia Employment Commission and Virginia Career Works. Additionally, if you’re a FastForward student, you can access your local community college’s career center to learn about other hiring and job fairs.