Utilizing the Right Job-Hunting Site for You

You’ve received your certification and now you’re ready to land the job. There are a variety of sites that can help you find openings, but depending on the job you’re looking for, there may be an option that’s best suited for the field you’re looking for.


Healthcare, IT, Education, Business and Customer Service

LinkedIn allows you to build a portfolio, make connections and boost your social media presence. LinkedIn has a “Jobs” tab that allows you to search for jobs based on title, company, skills or location. It also automatically provides a list of jobs that match your profile. This site is best for finding business, technology and human services careers.

Employers are looking for a strong bio, a list of skills and previous experience, as well as relevant certifications and education. Building your network is important, because the larger your network, the higher chance of your profile being seen by recruiters and potential employers.


Logistics and Transportation, Welding and Manufacturing; Skilled Trades

WorkHands is a relatively new platform priding itself as the LinkedIn for the blue-collar worker. The site offers a place to showcase your skills, find trades work online and manage apprenticeships. WorkHands has a place for posting projects through photos and videos as a way of presenting skills or previous experience.

Similar to LinkedIn, WorkHands is a social networking site where you can build a network of employers and colleagues. You can search for specific companies, trades schools, jobs and people to connect with based on a variety of criteria.

Indeed, Monster and more

For Everyone

Regardless of the type of job you’re looking for, there isn’t one right answer. A combination of networking sites, personal connections, school resources and job listing sites will yield the most successful results.

There are many job listing sites where you can create an account, upload a resume and apply to multiple jobs at once. Indeed, Snag a Job, Monster and ZipRecruiter—to name a few—all have search functions that allow you to narrow your job search down to relevant and open positions.

Looking for help taking the next step? From finding the right training to connecting you with potential employers, a FastForward Career Coach can help you every step of the way. Reach out and connect with your local coach to learn about your options.