COVID Response

What our training programs are doing to keep you safe during COVID-19

Regular cleaning and disinfecting, social distancing and wearing cloth face coverings are required by the governor’s office to continue offering our FastForward career training programs in-person.

And while our instructors and staff have been working hard to move as much as they can online so students can continue their workforce training in a safe, socially-distanced way, there are some trainings that just have to happen in person. We pulled together a brief roundup of how some of our FastForward training programs at Virginia’s Community Colleges are continuing to help individuals get the skills needed for the essential, open jobs in Virginia.

Central Virginia Community College

There are multiple FastForward training options offered through Central Virginia Community College this fall, including healthcare, transportation and skilled trades. Some are fully in-person, but there are also some hybrid options, which means the course is offered partially online, but there’s some portion that is in-person, like the Medical Scribe program.

Lord Fairfax Community College / Workforce Solutions

There are lots of hybrid FastForward trainings at Lord Fairfax Community College. Here are all the online courses that are enrolling monthly, and here are the procedures in place concerning COVID-19.

Northern Virginia Community College

At Northern Virginia Community College, there’s a big focus on healthcare and information technology training. The healthcare courses are offered in a mostly hybrid format, but some of the IT programs are completely online. This is the workforce training page, but click “Browse Courses,” and you’ll see FastForward’s courses listed right at the top.

Piedmont Virginia Community College

Many courses are still in person with social distancing guidelines in place, but for some trainings, like pharmacy technician, it’s all online AND on demand. Here’s the full fall 2020 catalog and calendar, which also tells you how the course is offered. There’s additional money available for certain programs through a program called Virginia Ready – those are marked, too.

Obviously, trainees shouldn’t come in if they’re feeling sick or if they’ve been exposed to someone with COVID-19. To learn more about the precautions being taken where you are, contact your local FastForward Career Coach for more information.