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What to look for in an online job posting

If you’re on the hunt for a new job, you’re probably looking at dozens of job listings. They may start to blend together – or – it could be hard to decipher if one is better than the other. If you’re looking online for your next job, here are a few things you should look for.


Pandemic or not, make sure you look at the benefits a new company can provide. Salary is one thing, but how does that compare to the rest of the industry? What healthcare benefits are offered? Another good thing to look for is the 401(k) and if the employer contributes back. This could really add up over time, but may not be reflected in a salary number on the front-end.


Especially now, many job postings are using “work from home” and “remote” directly in the job title description. If you’re in a nonessential field, or in a role that can be done from home, keep an eye on posts that have this front and center.

Training Requirements

Most listings indicate that you need a high school diploma or equivalent, but keep an eye out for postings that list specific industry credentials or say that post high school education and training is a plus. If you go through FastForward to get specialized training, it could help your resume rise to the top.

The Fine Print

Make sure you read the full job listing – twice. In this example, we searched for certified nursing aid using “Virginia” as our location. This listing is for “Prince George, Va.,” presumably so the listing gets brought up in search, but in actuality, it’s for Prince George, Md. If you have your CNA certification for Virginia, you may not qualify for this position.

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