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With Knowledge Comes Opportunity

Having knowledge and experience is one thing, but it doesn’t do much good without the opportunity to use it. For Jason, a heavy equipment operator at S.W. Rodgers, opportunity was the deciding factor when it came to enrolling in the FastForward program at Lord Fairfax Community College.

“The big thing that caught my eye was the guaranteed interviews they had afterwards once you completed the class,” he said. “These big companies are going to come out that don’t know who you are, you’ve never talked to them before, and they’re willing to give you a chance.”

Prior to enrolling in FastForward, Jason was building decks and porches. He credits FastForward for giving him a better chance for upwards mobility in his career, securing retirement benefits and getting more pay by working for a larger company.

“This changed my life a lot. It gives me a new perspective on things,” he said.

Jason also credits his FastForward training for giving him a foundational understanding of safety when operating heavy equipment. He already had a background in construction prior to beginning the program, but by the end, he learned valuable lessons regarding the safe operation of equipment.

“The class gave me more of an awareness of the safety of all these things. There are a lot of blind spots with this equipment,” he said. “Yes, it’s big, they have mirrors and cameras, but that doesn’t account for everything. You’ve got to watch out for everyone that’s around you. The FastForward program goes very in-depth with safety.”

Not only does FastForward get students prepared for the work place, the program also gives you an advantage when you’re applying for jobs in the first place.

“FastForward’s a great program. It gives you more of a foot-in to a company when you’re trying to interview if you’re looking for a job change,” Jason said.

If you’re looking to change your career path, get in touch with a FastForward coach today.