In-person and online training programs to kick-start your career

Training Takes Weeks. Not Years.

There are thousands of jobs open across Virginia, and many of these essential fields don’t require a college degree. If you’re looking for a safe, affordable job career training program, consider enrolling in FastForward.

FastForward is a short-term training program for high-demand industries, helping Virginians get the jobs they want and the salaries they need. Our training is offered locally through Virginia’s Community Colleges.

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Resume tips for skilled trades and vocational jobs

Uploading a resume can be a shot in the dark. Oftentimes, it feels like you’re submitting your list of highly cherished skills into a big unknown. But it doesn’t have to be an act that is without intention. Depending on the employer, if you’re applying for…

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Understanding how SMART goals can help you reach new milestones

Setting goals is important for achieving new milestones, whether it’s something personal like running a 10k or something professional, like changing careers. Not only do goals encourage motivation, but they also help identify what is important in your life and create an overall sense of direction…

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32,000+ credentials earned

Over 32,000 certificates and credentials have been awarded across Virginia through FastForward.
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40 in-demand careers

Our short-term career training programs prepare you for 40 great careers across seven industries in Virginia.
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72% wage satisfaction

72% of FastForward graduates, on average, are satisfied with their salary/wage post-credential.
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83% financially better off

Of FastForward students surveyed, on average, 83% of graduates say they are financially better off because of their training.

FastForward in Action

305 views   •   June 25, 2021
Career Training in Virginia | FastForward at your Local Community College

Training for a new career doesn’t have to mean lots of money out of your wallet or lots of time out of your schedule. Find out how FastForward career training at your local community college can help you reach your career goals.

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