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Training Takes Weeks. Not Years.

There are thousands of jobs open across Virginia, and many of these essential fields don’t require a college degree. If you’re looking for an affordable career training program, consider enrolling in FastForward.

FastForward at Virginia’s Community Colleges is a short-term training program for high-demand industries, like healthcare, information technology and skilled trades and infrastructure, helping Virginians get the jobs they want and the salaries they need. Our goal is to get you trained, help you earn your certification and get you into a career that can support you and your family.

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Classroom hacks for student success

Time is hard to come by, especially if you’re working a full-time job or being a parent, and reading 30+ pages of training materials can feel agonizing. If you’re like us and have found yourself re-reading the same paragraph over and over again, you’re not alone….

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32,000+ credentials earned

Over 32,000 certificates and credentials have been awarded across Virginia’s Community Colleges through FastForward.
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40 in-demand careers

Our short-term career training programs prepare you for 40 great careers across seven industries in Virginia.
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72% wage satisfaction

72% of FastForward graduates, on average, are satisfied with their salary/wage post-credential.
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83% financially better off

Of FastForward students surveyed, on average, 83% say they are financially better off because of their training.

FastForward Student Success Story

249 views   •   June 1, 2022
FastForward Heavy Equipment Operator and Construction Training | Virginia’s Community Colleges

Career and technical training like FastForward can help get you the skills needed for a great job in the construction industry. From heavy equipment operator, to electrical, HVAC and more, this training at your local community college can prepare you for open, high-demand jobs where you live.

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