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A Solution That Works Around Your Schedule

There are a lot of considerations to make when it comes to carving out time to enroll in career training. When can you take classes? How will you figure out childcare? Can you make it all work? Here’s the good news: FastForward Career Coaches, who are located at Virginia’s Community Colleges statewide, can help you answer these questions and make the decisions that are best for you and your family.

A majority of Virginia’s Community Colleges offer workforce training programs in evening or weekend classes.  Course offerings vary around the state, based on local needs.

“As a FastForward Career Coach, I am very flexible,” said FastForward Career Coach Constance Peay from Rappahannock Community College. “I will often adjust my hours to meet the needs of the students in the evening programs, whether that means come in early or stay late. I will consult with students over the phone and via email, especially on a resume and interviewing tips.”

Sherry Pinto, the coach from Lord Fairfax Community College, also provides flexible services by scheduling assessments on evenings and weekends. And for Pam Taylor from Southside Virginia Community College, when we asked about evening and weekend flexibility, she responded, “it just makes sense.”

To find out what kind of flexibility is available in your area, reach out to your local FastForward Career coach here.