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Skilled Trades Training Programs

Skip the Desk Job and Get Out and Work with your Hands.

If you have a knack for mechanical or electrical systems or do you enjoy building things with your hands, this is the industry for you. Skilled trades, like power-line maintenance and heating and air conditioning repair (HVAC), are in high demand, because a large percentage of the current workforce is retiring. This means employers are looking for qualified workers who have the skilled training they need.

Skilled trades cut across all industries, and these jobs are in demand. Our skilled trades certifications train you for jobs in HVAC, power-line repair, commercial and residential carpentry, backflow prevention, pipefitting and building maintenance.

Here's what some of our graduates are doing today.


Jason, Middletown, VA

Credentials: Heavy Equipment Operator
Current Position: Heavy Equipment Operator

“FastForward’s a great program. It gives you more of a foot-in to a company when you’re trying to interview if you’re looking for a job change.”

Megan, Richmond, VA

Credentials: Powerline Worker
Current Position: Powerline Worker, Dominion Energy

“There is a demand in the power line industry, and there are not a lot of females. I believe that this is the right time for women to come into this business.”

What kinds of careers are available?

  • Electrical Power-Line Repairer
  • Cable Installer/Technician
  • HVAC Service Technician
  • Commercial Carpenter
  • Facilities Maintenance Technician
  • Backflow Prevention Technician
  • Mechanical Technician
  • Pipefitter

Virginia’s Community Colleges offer different training programs on each campus to respond to the needs of local employers. Your FastForward coach can tell you more about training programs and schedules at your local community college.

I’m ready to start my career in skilled trades!

Reach out to a FastForward Coach now and get more information about skilled trades careers. Use the contact form below or the Contact Us page.