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Driving to a Better Life: How this FastForward Graduate Doubled His Income

Before Anthony Price decided he wanted to get his commercial driver’s license, he worked odd jobs around Covington, Va.

And while he managed to get by, there was always a nagging feeling in the back of his mind. “What happens when this one ends?” “Is this enough to support my family?” It was hard to plan for the future, not knowing exactly what you’ll be doing or making a month, six months or a year down the line.

Price turned to local trucking company Garten Trucking for a chance at something more stable, more consistent, and found that to be more successful at Garten, he needed his CDL. Being the independent, self-starter that he is, at first, he tried to do it on his own.

“It just wasn’t working. I’d practice driving with random people, and I wasn’t getting it,” said Price. “But with Dabney and FastForward, the personal training and experience helped me push forward.”

Sometimes the most responsible decision is asking for help. Price turned to Dabney S. Lancaster Community College and enrolled in its CDL program. Because of DSLCC’s FastForward program, he was able to complete the training at a fraction of the cost.

DSLCC’s CDL training program draws students from all over Virginia and part of that draw to Covington is due to the woman behind it all, CDL program head Dorothy Hayslett.

Being a CDL-licensed driver herself, Dorothy has a wealth of knowledge that she instills in her students, but it’s more than that. She builds relationships. She and all the other instructors are truly invested in their students’ success both during and after the training.

“The relationship doesn’t stop once they graduate from the program. We maintain a lot of relationships with the family members of our students, the students themselves and the companies that hire them,” said Dorothy. “Being able to see someone do so well in life, where at one point they had nothing, it’s a great thing. It’s a wonderful thing. I am so proud of everyone who graduates from the program.”

One of those graduates? Anthony Price.

Price took his shiny, new CDL license back to Garten Trucking, where he quickly found success.

“I love it. It’s flexible hours, full-time benefits. I’m home every night, and I can raise and support my family without having to worry.”

Because of FastForward, DSLCC and Dorothy, Price no longer has to live with that nagging feeling in the back of his head. He is a proud provider for his family… and gets to be home with them every night.

“My whole life, I had worked low-income, odd jobs. But then, I got with Garten, got my CDL through FastForward and climbed the ladder,” said Price “Now, I’m making double what I was making before. FastForward has been the best choice of my life, and I would recommend it to anyone.”

If you’d like to find a Dorothy in your area, be like Anthony and enroll in FastForward today. Our FastForward Career Coaches are here to help.