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FastForward Celebrates 10,000+ Credentials

Ed Breeden makes 10,000. Just last month, Virginia’s Community Colleges recognized Breeden as the recipient of the 10,000th workforce career credential generated through FastForward.

Thanks to his training and new industry recognized certification, Breeden is leaving behind the life of laborer in a scrap metal yard for an advanced manufacturing job.

“FastForward is doing exactly what we intended: improving the lives of Virginians by helping them start, or re-start their careers to meet the challenges of the ever-changing economy,” said Glenn DuBois, chancellor of Virginia’s Community Colleges. “We were grateful Ed allowed us to share his story.”

Breeden, 48, is a longtime resident of Winchester, and a loyal employee of a recycling center there for more than 20 years. But, with demand for scrap metal in decline, the center is shutting down, and workers there received notice they would all be laid off.

Breeden knew he needed to improve his educational status, so he contacted Lord Fairfax Community College to study for his G.E.D. While at LFCC, Breeden learned about FastForward.

With the help of a one of the many grants available to FastForward students, he was able to reduce his out-of-pocket costs to train for the Manufacturing Technology Level 1 Credential.

After completing the 12-week training program this spring, Breeden earned his MT-1 certification. And, thanks to LFCC’s solid working relationships in the community, Breeden soon was contacted by a prospective new employer.

“They practically offered me a job on the spot when they heard about my experience and credentials,” said Breeden. “Now, I’m looking forward to doing something new and moving up the ladder.”

Breeden’s new position with a local manufacturing firm will provide benefits that he never had before, not to mention a salary increase of nearly 40 percent.

“This is going to make a huge difference for me and my family,” Breeden added. “We’re going to be able to be more financially secure, invest in our home, and even put money into savings. I’m excited about the future.”