FastForward Blog: Virginia Workforce

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Celebrating National Pharmacist Day with FastForward

As we celebrate the hard work and dedication of pharmacists across the country, today also serves as a reminder to express gratitude for the many other pharmacy-related workers who help patients access prescriptions and medications around the clock. A pharmacy technician is a key supportive role…

Seven In-Demand Industries to Consider for a Career Switch

FastForward programs across Virginia’s 23 community colleges offer funding to help students complete short-term workforce training in high-demand industries. The qualifying industries range widely but all have one thing in common: the programs are based on the needs of local employers, which means students are in…

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A look back at FastForward’s impact in Virginia

There’s a chance you are stumbling upon this blog post, and it’s your very first time hearing the words “FastForward workforce training.” But we’re actually several years into a program that was established in 2016. Back then, the General Assembly wanted a program to create and…

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