FastForward Perks – From Library Access to Career Services

When you enroll in a FastForward training program, you’re not only getting hands-on training from industry professionals, but you have access to all the benefits of being a community college student.

Your advisor comes in the form of our FastForward Career Coaches, who serve as navigators, helping get you enrolled, all the way to finding the job that’s right for you. And if you choose to spend some time on campus, you can get an ID and access benefits like the library, shuttle services and other student-only benefits.

We talked to our coaches, and they shared some of the benefits of being a FastForward student:

  • Transportation: FastForward training is held on your local community college campus, and if your campus is large enough to have a shuttle system, you’re entitled to use it.
  • Career Services: Being a community college student means you can utilize the campus career center. “Our Career Services Center provides soft skills training and job search assistance,” said Alejandra Diaz-Rangel from Tidewater Community College. “And our Career Success Network provides resources for students who are seeking a variety of opportunities, including employment, externships and volunteer work.”
  • Emergency Assistance: Student success is a universal goal, regardless of if you’re enrolled in an academic class or a workforce training course. Aid programs like food pantries and foundation offices that provide emergency funding are accessible to FastForward students.
  • On-campus Connection: Your FastForward Career Coach acts as the bridge from you to your college. “We are there on the community college campus to be an advocate for our FastForward students,” says Adrianna Culbertson at Southwest Virginia Community College. “We’re their contact person to ensure they’re reaching their goals.”

Once you enroll in a FastForward class, ask your coach about getting a student ID and accessing everything your local campus offers.

Reach out to your local FastForward Career Coach to learn more about training options in your area. Use our contact form to get started.