Flexing Their Skills on the Job: FastForward Graduates Become Heavy Equipment Operators

Roughly 69 percent of employers are having problems finding skilled laborers that match job postings, according to a report by Burning Glass. That means there are open jobs in need of skilled, qualified workers. Employers are seeking people with trade skills outside of a typical high school education to fill their workforce. Two students-turned-employees Colin Gould and Jason Miller took advantage of FastForward’s training program to secure jobs as heavy machine operators at S.W. Rodgers Company.

We talked to them to learn more about why they decided to pursue FastForward training. Here are some things that motivated and helped them achieve their goals.

Hand-on Training

Training is crucial whenever you are starting a new job. FastForward provides the hands-on training needed to succeed in a variety of career fields. Becoming certified and trained can help students land better opportunities and set you apart from other applicants who might be applying for the same job.


Safety is key, especially when equipment weighing several tons is involved. “You might not get a job if you don’t have safety training,” said Gould.  FastForward has classroom simulations and other hands-on lessons that help students know what to do to prevent injuries at work.

More Money

Living paycheck to paycheck is not most people’s idea of the American dream. Making more money will allow you to do more things you want to do. “There has been a big difference pay wise,” said Miller. “It gives me a little more money to play around with in the winter, when things slow down a little.” FastForward training gives students the skills needed to earn an industry credential and land the job needed to secure a healthy wage for a healthy life.

If you’re thinking of how to make you career goals and dreams come true, reach out to a FastForward Career Coach today. And if you’d like to see Jason and Colin on the job, check out this video.