Dylan Power Lineupdate

Hands-on training, online?

It’s hard to complete hands-on workforce training when you can’t get your hands on what you need to train. How do you practice your blood drawing skills without a dummy to practice on? How do you review your pre-trip inspection in preparation for your CDL exam? But if our instructors at Southside Virginia Community College can figure out how to continue training for its powerline worker program, we’re well on our way to finding more solutions.

“This is not at all what any of us expected, but we are moving along. I’m looking forward to climbing again,” said Dylan Branch, who is pictured above at his home in South Chesterfield.

There are many trainings we can’t offer in the world of social distancing, but our FastForward team has been working hard to move as much as we can online to keep you moving forward.

Alyssa Hawley, the FastForward Career Coach at Patrick Henry Community College let us know that healthcare courses like certified billing and coding specialist to skilled trades training like introductory craft skills and HVAC are offered in part online. “For programs that have a lab requirement, we have postponed the lab portion until the campus re-opens or other arrangements can be made,” she said.

The same goes for students in the Greater Richmond area. At Community College Workforce Alliance, pharmacy technician, customer service, medical coding, certified logistics associate and electrical courses can be started online, according to coach Mary Pat Hudgins.

Tidewater Community College and Piedmont Virginia Community College are both offering the classroom portion of clinical medical assistance online.

The quickest way to know what is being offered at your local college is by reaching out and connecting with a career coach.

Even though Danville Community College is still getting courses online, FastForward Career Coach Chad Younger is taking names. “I have created a spreadsheet for those interested in training,” he said, and students on his list will get the latest updates first.

Mary at CCWA seconds Chad and said they’re even getting the paperwork going to save time down the line. “We are continuing to complete the application process for FastForward and other financial aid, and we’re keeping a waiting list for those trainings once they resume.”

If you’d like to learn more about what trainings are available now and in the future, connect with your local FastForward Career Coach.