S.W. Rodgers Group

Heavy Lifting, Wonderful Benefits

At first, Colin was a landscaper and a car porter for a body shop. He wasn’t making much money and it was difficult for him to get by. But when he heard about the quality of Lord Fairfax Community College’s FastForward program and the guaranteed interview that came with it, he made the jump to enroll.

Now, as a heavy equipment operator at S.W. Rodgers, he thanks the experience for having increased his pay and placing him at a family-owned company that regards him as not being just a number but part of the family.

During his training, Colin learned a lot about on-site safety, especially through the simulators made available to him.

“The simulators at the FastForward program are key because coming out to a job site, I learned it’s real,” he said. “By taking the class and being on the simulators, you don’t have to worry about hurting anyone, you can just focus on getting trained on the equipment.”

Colin credits FastForward with helping him find a new career that’s helped him better provide for himself and his family.

“Because I’ve got this job now, it has given me a lot more money where I feel like I’m not getting paid paycheck to paycheck. It’s allowed me to do things that I want, I can help my family pay bills,” he says. “There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re stable with your money,” Colin says. “This class gave me my life.”

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