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Helping Students Navigate the Path to a New Career

Constance Peay has been working with students at Rappahannock Community College for almost 10 years. Currently a FastForward Career Coach, Peay helps students connect the dots between their habits and behaviors and how that can apply to finding a career that’s right for them.

Peay enjoys helping students identify a career path and then plan a course of action – from enrolling in FastForward training, all the way through getting a job (and a future promotion).

“When I talk to students, I ask them, do you want a job or a career? Each requires post-secondary training. If you think about it as climbing a ladder, each rung is a level of training leading to an occupation. If you want to drive a truck, that’s fine, but what’s the next step?,” she asks. “I also think it is important to think about an individual’s personality and the specific job or employer. When you can merge those two, you’re more likely to have a job and career that’s satisfying and fulfilling.”

Peay encourages students to look at resources like Virginia Wizard, My Next Move, and O*Net to learn more about specific jobs and careers before pursuing them. This will help eliminate any misconceptions or preconceived notions.

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