Helping You Succeed: FastForward Coaches and Instructors

Think about the coaches you’ve had in your life.

When you were younger, maybe you had a sports coach who encouraged you when times were tough and helped call your next moves. As you got older, maybe you had a coach when you were trying to shed a few pounds at the gym, motivating, encouraging and helping you figure out your next step.

FastForward Career Coaches are a lot like that. Just ask Matt, who earned his remote airman pilot’s license thanks to training from Virginia Highland Community College.

Matt wanted to take his drone hobby and turn it into a business venture, so he started to look at training options to help him pass the test to get his license for commercial work.

“I reached out to sign up for the class, but I was told it was booked,” he said. “After a week or so, I got a call back from Mitzi Williams and she told me that a spot opened up.”

Williams got him enrolled in the three-week FastForward course with Kevin Hammed, an instructor at Virginia Highlands.

“I had biology with Kevin when I attended Virginia Highlands right after high school. He was one of my favorite teachers, so it was great being able to learn from him again,” Matt said. “Each class was completely different than I expected. It was a lecture-based class, but Kevin made it fun and interesting.”

The support from Virginia Highland didn’t end when he completed the course. They stuck with Matt and helped him plan his next steps.

“The process was seamless. They made it incredibly easy,” Matt said. “The classes started on time, ended on time, it wasn’t boring or mundane. They were willing to take all the students to the center at one time to get certified. They lined it up, they were ensuring success. They didn’t want any of us to fall or fail.”

If you’re thinking about pursuing career training at your local community college, reach out to a FastForward Career Coach to get started.