Danielle Horizontal

How A Lifelong Love for Helping Others Helped Herself

For Danielle, a new bundle of joy meant a need for change. Just a few months before enrolling in the FastForward, she had her second child and realized she needed a more consistent schedule that would allow her the time she needed to provide for her family.

Fortunately, the training through FastForward at Paul D. Camp Community College delivered. Danielle appreciates the skills provided to her through the program, and as a mother, she also appreciates the compassion she received from her instructors.

“I was like, ‘I woke up late this morning, the baby was up all night, can I do this test later?’ But my instructor was very understanding; she was incredible,” she said.

Today, Danielle works as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant. In addition to earning her CMA credential, she’s also has her credentials for EKG and phlebotomy.

She attributes her lifelong desire to help people as another driving force that inspired her to pursue a new career.

“I want to be a nurse. Either working in the pediatric field or as a labor and delivery nurse,” she says.

Since earning her credentials, Danielle remarks on how she now is able to be home by a certain time and help her children with their homework. Furthermore, her new skills allow her to make more money in her career, enabling her to better provide for her family.

“I’m way more employable now. I’ve been on multiple interviews, I’ve had multiple job offers, I’m open to the world now,” she said.