How FastForward Helped This Grad Take the Next Step

Mercedes has always had an interest in medicine and in helping people. She received her first medical training when she was still in high school, and her interest in the field only grew after she faced a medical condition herself.

She recalls that her interactions with the nurses that helped her at the hospital only boosted her desire to help people.

“I just want to give back. I want people to feel better,” she said. “By being in the nursing field, I know I can help people feel better and help them the best way that I can.”

Mercedes already had several medical certifications prior to enrolling in the FastForward Clinical Medical Assistant program at Paul D. Camp Community College. The additional medical skills and certifications she picked up through FastForward added to her professional abilities  and improved her employment prospects.

“FastForward has changed my life tremendously,” she said.

Before, Mercedes was limited to   bathing and feeding patients. Now as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, she can administer prescriptions, draw blood, administer flu and pneumonia shots, and more.

Mercedes also found her work life is more manageable, giving her more time to spend with her family and friends.

“I’ve learned how to put myself first by having this new job,” she said. “It has really changed me and a lot of people have seen that.”

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