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Serving the Community and Keeping the Lights On

Brad, a student in the FastForward power line training program, became interested in power line work after speaking with friends who participated in the program and had positive reviews, as well as others who work at co-operatives and Dominion Energy. Helping his community and keeping the power on was another aspect of the program that interested Brad.

“Being able to help people out and serve your community, that’s why I chose this career path” he said. “It’s not fun when you’re sitting at home and you don’t have any lights on or air conditioning.”

Not only is he learning about electricity and everything there is to know to work with it, but he is also learning how to work as a team, lead others and take co-worker’s opinions and ideas into account to get the job done.

Brad spoke with many people in the power line industry to find out what they liked about being a lineman. By doing so and being proactive, he found his future in the FastForward program.

“If you find something that interests you, go out and talk to other people,” Brad said. “I talked to a bunch of people before I came here. Go out and find something that you like to do and follow it.”

Already, Brad has spoken with potential employers and is looking forward to having a job lined up when he completes the program.

“To have someone that already wants you, and if you have a job lined up when you come out of here, it’s really nice… it’s nice to know that somebody’s going to employ you.”

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