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Three Common Hurdles When Going Back to School

Life can get in the way of going back to school, but, hopefully, that shouldn’t keep you from investing time in something that can change your life for the better.

We talked to our FastForward Career Coaches about hurdles their students have overcome when deciding to enroll in a FastForward training program. Here are the three most common barriers the coaches listed:

Whether you’re on the Eastern Shore or in Richmond, getting to class can be tough. It could mean adding 30 miles to your already low gas tank or hopping on a couple of different buses. Some of our colleges offer free public transportation passes to students, while other colleges have partnerships and community resources that reduce the transportation costs out of your pocket. Ask your FastForward Career Coach for advice on this.

Fifty percent of people who reached out for more information about FastForward in the last two years indicated that taking better care of their family was one of their reasons for wanting to enroll in career training. On top of that, two-thirds of our graduates have dependents. You’re not in this alone and finding a childcare option for your family is possible. Many of our coaches have information on grants and other assistance to help lighten the burden of childcare services. The Department of Social Services can also help.

Even though FastForward is one of the most affordable training options in higher education, it still comes with a price tag that some people worry about. FastForward Career Coaches know of dozens of funding options that can help support your career goals and bring the price tag for training down as low as they can. Take Kouri – she spent $71 out of pocket. And Nate? Well, he only bought his boots.

You may be scared and you may have doubts, and that’s okay because lots of us do when deciding to do something new and different. Connect with your local FastForward Career Coach and start a conversation today.

Image: Phil Roeder, flickr