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Three tips for time management (when you have no time to spare)

If you’re working a couple of jobs and juggling kids and childcare – and on top of that – are trying to fit everything in the 24 hours you have in a day – while ALSO going back to school or career training – then this post is for you.

Here are three tips for time management that will help minimize stress and increase productivity.

Schedule your learning time

Whether your class meets at a scheduled time, of if you’re doing work on your own, add time to your planner or your phone calendar to give you nudges at a set time every day to chip away at schoolwork.

“I encourage all of my students to schedule out their week,” said Alyssa Hawley, our coach at Patrick Henry Community College. “It can be overwhelming to try and juggle jobs, kids and learning, and scheduling your learning time will help to prevent any worrying and minimize stress.”

And consider creating more time for yourself wherever possible. If that means waking up half an hour earlier to do a homework assignment before the family wake up, great. If that means planting your kid in front of the TV for 30 minutes to read a chapter, do it.

Find and plan for the in between moments

If you have a book for class, or material to review, stash those in your bag and take it with you everywhere. When you find yourself waiting for the bus, as your kids take a bath or even in line for a COVID-19 test, read a chapter or review some flashcards for your next quiz.

Incorporate your family

Playing parent with no time to spare? That hasn’t stopped some of our students. If you’re learning to take vitals, practice with your kiddos. If you’re preparing for your pre-check CDL demonstration, find a rig and teach them about trucks as you repeat what you need to know. If you have older kids, have them hold up flashcards or do your homework together. Plus, these kinds of activities can help to generate a support system for you within your household.

Time management is just one of the things our FastForward Career Coaches help with – in addition to getting you enrolled and finding funding to cover your costs. Reach out to your local coach here.