Suzanne Ostling

Unlocking Potential: Suzanne Ostling’s Journey in Community College

Suzanne Ostling is the associate vice president for student affairs at Mountain Gateway Community College. Her journey resonates deeply with students, because as the students around her are resilient in their academic journeys, so is she. She is in the middle of her pursuit of a doctorate in community care and counseling, reflecting her unwavering commitment to empowering students on their educational paths.

Unlocking Potential

Ostling’s journey through community college underscores the institution’s transformative power. She emphasizes the unique environment at Mountain Gateway, where every student is known by name. Ostling believes that community colleges offer a space where individuals can explore diverse fields and uncover their passions.

“As a first-generation college student myself, I understand the value of community college,” Ostling said. “Its smaller classes and diverse offerings provide students with the flexibility to explore different fields and discover their passions firsthand.”

The Value of Community College

Community colleges like Mountain Gateway offer endless opportunities for students. From workforce credentials to online classes and flexible scheduling, they provide accessible pathways for students to achieve their academic and career goals.

“Community college is the most affordable and best option for students,” she adds. “It offers the same enrichment as universities at a fraction of the cost.”

Ostling passionately advocates for the value of community college, emphasizing its affordability and quality of education.

Find Your Path

Whether you’re considering your local community college or specifically Mountain Gateway, Ostling encourages you to explore the opportunities that await. Finding your path and embracing the transformative journey of community college starts with reaching out to find out the best way to take your next step.