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Unsure of what career to pursue? We can help.

Choosing a career can be hard. There are many factors to take into account. How much will it cost? How much money will I make? Is it the right fit? Am I passionate about this?

These tools have made it simple to narrow down what field or career you could pursue. Work through these quizzes and assessments to figure out what career track is best for you based on your skills, interests and habits.

Virginia Education Wizard
Virginia Education Wizard is a really useful tool for narrowing down your interests and skills.  In the first part of the assessment, there is a list of possible career options and you simply give it a thumbs up or down based on your level of interest. The next part of the assessment is based on your work values. Not everyone thrives in the same working environment – some people might prefer to work alone, while others need a group environment.  The assessment will compile your responses and show careers that are a good fit for you.

Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator
Personality tests like the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator can provide some great clues to what jobs are best suited for you. Based on your answers, the assessment will determine whether you are more introverted or extroverted and when you rely on sense or intuition, thinking or feeling and will gauge if you’re more of a judger or more of a perceiver. The results of the assessment will give you suggestions on what career path aligns best with your personality type.

MAPP Assessment
This assessment gives information about the type of worker you are. It will ask you questions about tasks you want to perform, how you prefer to perform them and questions about your level of interest in topics like math or language. Each question gives you three choices – you select what you are most interested in, least interested in and leave one choice blank. The questions range from specific careers to personality questions. The results of the test will give you a list of the top ten career areas that would be the best fit.