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VIDEO: Paying for Career Training is Possible

FANTIC is fantastic, but do you qualify? Woah, WIOA is a great way to pay for training, but are you eligible? There are a lot of grants and financial assistance out there, but figuring out if you can receive the support is another thing.

One of the most common barriers to enrolling in a higher education or career-training program is cost. Paying for training can be a hard pill to swallow, but there are dozens of options out there that can greatly help reduce how much tuition you pay out of your own pocket – and in the case of some of our students, you may end up paying little to nothing.

Don’t worry about what’s out there and if you qualify. Contact your local FastForward Career Coach to get started. They’re experts in financial aid options and they can help explain your options and get you through the paperwork.

To learn a little more about the cost of FastForward, watch our video below: