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Virginia Infrastructure Academy in Action: How students are preparing for jobs to revamp the commonwealth’s aging infrastructure

With Virginia expected to receive at least $10 billion for infrastructure-related projects from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, it is no surprise that Virginia’s Community Colleges are working hard to train the next generation of workers to meet the increased demand.

The Virginia Infrastructure Academy (VIA) is the latest workforce development initiative created with funding from Lumina Foundation to help students take advantage of new jobs geared around improving our roads, bridges, energy and communication services.

Curious about what it’s like going to school for an infrastructure-related training credential? Hear from Barbara, Dylan and Marvin who share their experience earning credentials in everything from being a heavy machine operator, to an electrical power line worker and even a welder.

Barbara’s student experience

Dylan’s student experience

Marvin’s student experience

Many infrastructure training programs are eligible for FastForward funding support, as well as other financial assistance like G3 and Virginia Ready. To learn more about VIA, visit