Welding Program Ignites Life Change

You know you’re in an exciting line of work when one day you’re installing a staircase at a college in Lynchburg and the next, you’re planning work on a high-rise construction project in Richmond.

Since receiving his 6G Pipe Welding Certification after completing FastForward training, Marcus, a former farm hand, has been enjoying life working as a welder at the Shickel Corporation.

“I like what I do. I do something different all the time; it’s enjoyable,” he said. “You learn something new every day, and I like doing hands-on work.”

Moving from the farm to Shickel didn’t only mean more of a variety of tasks to do at work, it also meant more pay. Considerably more pay.

“I’m a lot better off financially now than I was before I went to school and came here,” he says. “I probably make at least 50 percent more now than what I made before my workforce training at Blue Ridge Community College. That’s substantial.”

For someone who is debating enrolling in FastForward program at their local community college, Marcus endorses the move.

“My workforce training at Blue Ridge, my welding credentials and then coming here to Shickel Corporation pretty much changed my life,” he said.

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