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What’s up in Virginia’s workforce

There’s a lot of Virginia workforce and career news. We’re starting a monthly series where we pull together highlights of what’s happening across Virginia. This month is particularly busy thanks to an active General Assembly session.

Big hiring and layoff announcements

On the positive side, GRIMM, a cybersecurity consulting firm, is expanding its headquarters to Stafford, resulting in 23 new jobs; Custom Truck One Source is expanding in Bedford, netting 61 new jobs; Mack Trucks is hiring 250 people for an expanded operation in Roanoke; and ePac Flexible Packaging is adding 35 new jobs in Henrico.

On the negative, a WARN notice was submitted for Bear Down Logistics, a third-party contractor for Amazon. There are 75 employees that will be laid off at the Henrico facility.

The marriage of workforce training and education: G3

Headlines have been popping up for the last several months about the governor’s “free community college” plan, but what exactly is G3? The details are still being finalized, but G3 is essentially a financial aid option for those who are interested in pursuing career training on the path towards an associate degree. Prospective students must meet financial requirements and purse an eligible program offering (like early childhood education or skilled trades).

From Richmond to Southwest Virginia, business and community college leaders around the Commonwealth are advocating for the General Assembly to make this happen.

Rising wages

For those Virginians earning minimum wage, thanks to a bill moving through the General Assembly, that wage could more than double over the next three years. Minimum wage would go from $7.25 to $15 by 2023.

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