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A passion for helping others, as an RN and a teacher

We’ve talked about how our students are passionate about bettering themselves and their careers by giving it their all 24/7, but for our teachers and instructors, that same passion and drive helps lead the classroom. When we talked to Sarah Clarkston, the FastForward Career Coach at Mountain Empire Community College, she told us about an amazing instructor in the nursing aide program, and we knew we had to talk to her.

Farrah Lane standing in front of Ballad Health, Holston Valley Medical Center

Farrah Lane started her nursing career in the LPN program at Scott County Career and Technical Center when she was still in high school, where she completed two years of training and passed the state board exam. From there, she worked at the Holston Valley Medical Center and an urgent care clinic while she earned her RN.

“After I completed my RN program, I got my first job in the ER at Holston Valley,” said Lane. “I enjoyed the fast-paced atmosphere and helping people in their worst of times.”

Since then, Lane has gained a variety of clinical and nursing experience – from helping OB patients, to working in home health to her current day job with Scott County Schools.

Did you notice we said day job? Yep, because once she’s done teaching high schoolers who are learning through dual enrollment, she also teaches night classes at Mountain Empire Community College for FastForward students looking to achieve their nursing goals.

Lane not only teaches future healthcare professionals the skills they need to take care of others, she’s also a counselor of sorts helping to build the confidence and help her students see a pathway forward in a nursing career.

“Some students need a lot of encouragement that they are capable of success in the classroom, skills lab and clinical setting,” said Lane. “Affirmation and reassurance that they are doing better than they realize and the hard work will pay off is critical for some students. Also reminding them of the rewards to achieve their goals and dreams and keeping the focus on the end result.”

Lane has seen her students struggle, persevere and go on to become RNs themselves.

“I have always enjoyed helping, caring for, and encouraging people which is the major drive I had to pursue healthcare,” said Lane. “But I will be honest, I did not realize that was what I was called to do until a guidance counselor encouraged me to pursue nursing, after that it made perfect sense, that was my calling. Teaching our future caregivers has been an extremely rewarding endeavor.”

Take advantage of FastForward career training and its numerous funding sources today. You may find an instructor like Farrah leading the way. Reach out to your local community college to get connect to your FastForward Career Coach to get started.