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Video Interview
4 Reminders for Nailing a Virtual Interview

Chances are, if you’re applying for a job right now, you’re going to experience some level of a virtual interview. It could be a brief screening interview, or it could be the full thing, but either way, you should prepare yourself for going through your next…

Job APplication
Job Hunting During a Pandemic

FastForward trains for Virginia’s essential workforce, and while unemployment numbers are high, there are still some industries looking to hire. In this PBS Newshour round-up, the author cited a survey that indicated that 31% of healthcare providers were actively hiring. That’s one of our biggest training…

job interview
Getting Hired with a Criminal Background

Having a criminal background isn’t an automatic sentence to working at a dead-end job. We’ve talked before about getting over your past and getting started in a new career – with the first step being to find help for your issues. But once you’re clean, focused…

soft skills blog post
Employers Are Looking For These Four Soft Skills

Ethical hacking, certified nurse aide, arc metal welder. These careers all have technical skills that are attainable through FastForward training. Employers will look at a person’s ability to measure blood pressure or weld cylindrical, tack-welded pieces – but they’re also looking for certain “soft skills” that…

FastForward into a new career in 2018

For many of us, the beginning of a new year serves as a fresh start for the areas in our life we wish to improve. That may mean heading to the gym to start a healthier lifestyle, or it may mean looking for opportunities to better…

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