Skilled Workers are Essential

During this time of uncertainty, one thing is for certain: our workers on the frontlines are heroes. We can’t help but think about all of our current students and FastForward graduates who are working hard to keep us well, safe and protected in these challenging times.

Earlier this month, Forbes published an article about the industries and careers that were deemed essential during the global pandemic. And when you look at the industries making up the that list of essential workers, so many of the fields are FastForward related.

From the obvious healthcare workers and first responders to food and beverage workers and CDL drivers – all the way down the supply chain to the manufacturing technicians and other workers who help keep our facilities and utilities up and running, these folks are working every day, risking their health and livelihoods, so the rest of the nation can stay at home.

So, to all those out there working to keep us healthy, fed, safe and clean, a big thank you from everyone at FastForward and Virginia’s Community Colleges.