Why Workforce Trainingh

Workforce Training at your Local Community College

The idea of going back to school can seem daunting, but how does going through training sound? Your local community college offers real world workforce training that can help prepare you for a wide range of jobs and careers.

We talked with several FastForward Career Coaches across Virginia to collect their advice, tips and solutions for people who are hoping to make a positive change in their careers. Here are just a couple of reasons why FastForward could be right for you.

Fast track into the workforce

“Complete hands-on training to receive industry-recognized credentials at little to no cost. I also think that on the community level, there is greater focus on what employers want and building that connection so our students can move from training to the workforce.” – Leslie Brooks, Southwest Virginia Community College

Build a safety net by being hirable

“I feel its best that no matter what [students] may choose to pursue later in life, they will always have a highly skilled trade certification they can fall back on. [Earning credentials] also advances one’s education and provides a sense of autonomy allowing [students] to be more marketable and work-ready while obtaining the skills needed to obtain employment.” – Vicki Marrs, Wytheville Community College

Avoid wasting time and money

“The benefits to choosing to advance education through community college or a community college workforce program is lower tuition and less time spent on vocational training, when compared to our four-year counterparts and other private higher education institutions.” – Alejandra Diaz-Rangel, Tidewater Community College

Earn more

“The students we work with in workforce earn credentials that allow them to be hired in higher paying jobs. In many cases the student leaves the class with a job offer because of experiential training and job fairs.” – Brittney McDaniel, Piedmont Virginia Community College

In the words of Leslie from SWVCC, “What have you got to lose? Meet with an advisor, talk to instructors, and other students. One person, one program, one class could change your life!” And we have to agree.

To learn about training options available now and in the future, fill out our contact form and connect with your local FastForward Career Coach.