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Study Tips to Boost Your Success in the Classroom

Getting a workforce credential at your local community college is a valuable way to get a leg up in your current career – or start a new career altogether. Because the trainings take weeks, not years, to complete, buckling down and studying hard will help you…

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Celebrating National Pharmacist Day with FastForward

As we celebrate the hard work and dedication of pharmacists across the country, today also serves as a reminder to express gratitude for the many other pharmacy-related workers who help patients access prescriptions and medications around the clock. A pharmacy technician is a key supportive role…

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A look back at FastForward’s impact in Virginia

There’s a chance you are stumbling upon this blog post, and it’s your very first time hearing the words “FastForward workforce training.” But we’re actually several years into a program that was established in 2016. Back then, the General Assembly wanted a program to create and…

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Celebrating Cyber Monday, FastForward style

If you’ve been following Virginia workforce news lately, you may have seen a trend: information technology (IT) jobs are on the rise. Don’t let the Meta and Twitter layoffs steer you away from the future of the IT industry, as companies such as Hitachi Energy, FiberX…

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4 tips if you are considering a career change

Changing careers can seem intimidating. For so many people, routine and predictability is comfortable, and it’s nice to stay in the comfort zone! On the other hand, change can be unfamiliar and uncomfortable. When changing careers, more times than not, that feeling is temporary, and the…