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Virginia Infrastructure Academy in Action: How students are preparing for jobs to revamp the commonwealth’s aging infrastructure

With Virginia expected to receive at least $10 billion for infrastructure-related projects from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, it is no surprise that Virginia’s Community Colleges are working hard to train the next generation of workers to meet the increased demand. The Virginia Infrastructure…

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Don’t make one of these resume mistakes…

If you’re desperate for a job, we know how hard it is to navigate dozens of applications at one time. When you’re juggling that much, it’s easy to make a mistake. While some mistakes are forgivable, others may cost you the job. “One of the biggest…

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How EducateVA’s Career Switcher Program is helping fill Virginia’s schools with more teachers

As K-12 schools across the country and Virginia continue to face significant teacher shortages, Virginia’s Community Colleges’ Career Switcher Program, EducateVA, is helping fill the vacancies with new teachers who have previously worked careers as doctors, lawyers, pharmacists and everything in between. To better understand how…

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Five Tips for Completing Job Applications

So, you successfully earned a workforce credential from one of Virginia’s 23 community colleges? Congratulations! Now, it’s time to switch gears and begin your new full-time job: applying to jobs. Job applications can be daunting; there are often many steps, tedious questionnaires, and every employer has…

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New to community college? You’re not alone: how career coaches help pave the way for a positive experience back in school

Sometimes, all it takes is having a positive attitude, working hard and connecting with a good leader to help you accomplish your goals. While higher education can be intimidating, career coaches from community colleges across Virginia shared their best advice for getting started back at school….

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Four reasons to consider a career in maritime welding

Virginia needs more welders, particularly maritime welders. The state has not been immune to the staffing shortages affecting industries across the country. By 2023, the American Welding Society estimates that the industry will be short by 375,000 welders. With the average welder 55 years or older,…

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A FastForward Guide to the Carpentry Industry

Carpentry is arguably one of the oldest trades or professions in the world. For millennia, humans have been working with wood to build homes, cross vast expanses and ship goods across the globe. Over time, carpentry has evolved to include new innovative techniques that require the…