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Reviews of FastForward: What students have to say about us

Virginia’s Community Colleges have helped to train thousands of students who have gone on to get certified for a wide-range of skilled trades careers across the Commonwealth. From certified nursing aids and clinical medical assistants to heavy equipment operators and truck drivers, we’re training Virginians for the open jobs in their community. 

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s are some reviews of FastForward, directly from graduates. 

“A word of advice to anyone about to graduate high school or those looking to go back to school, don’t snub your nose at community college. Mountain Empire has amazing instructors who also have other professions, meaning they’re knowledgeable and experienced. They’re good at their jobs.”

– Peyton, emergency medical technician (EMT) 

“I would not have been able to achieve my goal and cross this off my bucket list if not for the funding from FastForward. I have mentioned the program to members of the community and to family and friends. It is a wonderful program.”

– Geri, certified nursing aide 

“I just want people to know I made it,” she said. “In my book, this process was a success and a goal I achieved. I accomplished something I never thought I could do with three kids and being a single mom. Y’all can do it, whether it’s a big step in your book or a little one.”

– Jordyn, certified clinical medical assistant 

“I highly recommend Southwest Virginia Community College. I enjoyed it. All of the instructors were great. Everyone I met there was great. Do it – especially if it gets you out of the coal mines.”

– Philip, welding, heavy equipment operator 

“It just wasn’t working. I’d practice driving with random people, and I wasn’t getting it. But with Dabney and FastForward, the personal training and experience helped me push forward.”

– Anthony, CDL 

“The process to register was simple, even when I got the paperwork, I was like, ‘Is that it?’ I was expecting much more. It’s still intimidating every day, but I’ve done really well. I’m an old man in some of my classes, a lot of these boys are so young and cocky, but I show them the old man still has it.”

– Matt, CDL and welding 

“There was no other way I could afford this program without FastForward. The FastForward staff members were terrific and responsive. I hope people take advantage of this program – I know I’ll get a job because of it. Working with FastForward has been an amazing experience.”

– Heather, CompTIA 

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Editor’s Note: At the time of publishing, Mountain Gateway Community College was named Dabney S. Lancaster Community College.