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Finding the Right Path Forward to a New Job

If you’re going through a challenging life event like being laid off, are uncertain about a career path or are looking to gain a new skill, here are a few ways FastForward’s Career Coaches can help you. Know your financial assistance resources “If a new student…

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Helping to Serve her Community

When Brooke Shehan was taking dual enrollment classes at Rockbridge County High School through Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, she wasn’t anticipating a future career helping people at the same school that helped her earn her college credits. But here she is today, the FastForward Career…

Step One: Get Yourself Organized

Going through workforce training doesn’t have to be complicated. A little planning and organization can go a long way. Before you reach out to your local FastForward Career Coach, here are three things you can do to make things run as smoothly as possible. Do some…

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Planning for Right Now, Planning for the Future

Short-term training is quick and flexible, meaning you don’t have time to plan out or invest in a multi-year academic program to start reaching your career goals. That said, even programs with the quickest turnaround require a little bit a planning to ensure the training fits…

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