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Advancing Your Career: Step by Step

Clock in, clock out. Repeat. Day in and day out. And if you don’t love what you do, that cycle can wear on you. Whether you’re looking to find a job, start over in a new career or move up the ladder in your current position,…

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Out of the Gallery and Into the Clinic

Some people were born to help others. Whether it’s through military enlistment, volunteerism or working in the service industry, some of us were made to lend a hand. For David, he’s made a career out of serving, first his country in the U.S. Navy, and soon,…

Re-Entering the Workforce Through FastForward

There are many different hardships that prevent a person from working. In 2009, Heather lost her job due to health issues. As her health improved, but her 401K and savings declined, she needed to find a way to re-enter the workforce. To boost her career chances…

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There’s No Age Requirement for Chasing Your Dreams

Jacob wasn’t going to let his age hold him back from pursuing his goals. Just before graduating high school, Jacob’s guidance counselor told him about the FastForward program at Blue Ridge Community College. With his interest piqued, he enrolled and completed a welding course, which led…

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LFCC Hosts Signing Day for High School Graduates

They’re barely out of high school, and already a group of students has begun building their careers thanks to a unique opportunity with LFCC Workforce Solutions. The first cohort of high school students enrolled in the Heavy Equipment Operators (HEO) program is finishing up classes this…